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September 26/27, 2011 - Canada Part: Day 1  

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September the 26th, this day finally came, we boarded the plane to Canada, which was suppose to take us here in the summer. But back then we got some visa crisis and we didn’t make the trip. I still recall how disappointed we were. Anyway, ever since I’d landed, I feel almost lucky that our fieldwork get postponed, because Canada in the fall is so gorgeous, the green maple, the yellow maple, the pre-mature red maple and a lot of other trees, formed a colorful mosaic so beautiful that everytime I look at it I catch my breath.


September 26, 2011 - Canada Part: Day 1 - 中加联合野外课程 - 中加联合野外课程wordpress镜像站September 26, 2011 - Canada Part: Day 1 - 中加联合野外课程 - 中加联合野外课程wordpress镜像站
The flight here was pretty smooth, although most of us experienced a plane sick and one boy, Yang Lifeng, got “invited” into the immigration office twice.


Dr Wang and Roxanne picked us up at the airport at about half past eight in the evening, and we drove for almost 5 hours to get to the QUBS. The drive here was a bit bumpy and I got a bit dizzy, but I enjoyed it anyway. We saw a raccoon, two deers and a dead porcupine ( I’m sorry~), and the sky was pitch-dark just like the charcoal, and there were like millions of shinning stars hanging in there.


After a short night, our first day at the QUBS literally got started.


We had our first breakfast here at about 7:30 a.m., waffle with blueberry jam and a lot of fruits, yum. After the breakfast we went for a walk in the woods with Dr. Wang and for the first time QUBS starts to make sense to me.


Later we met another professor Dr. Steve Louheed, he is a tall guy with beard and mustache. He gave us a speech on QUBS, how it was established in the first place and its development ever since. Along with the speech, he also introduced some important issues in ecology today, e.g. invasive species, a lost of habitat of certain types of animal due to human activity, etc. After the speech we Steve took us into the woods again and show us a very common tree in these woods, the white birch; and also show us the trace of peckers and a lot of other things.

后来我们见到了另一位课程教授Steve Louheed,高高的有着大胡子。他给我们讲解了QUBS的历史,她是如何成立的,又是怎样发展的,同时也跟我们讲解了很多环境的现状和担忧,比如入侵物种,比如人类活动导致的栖息地的丧失。演讲过后我们跟着Dr.Louheed


September 26, 2011 - Canada Part: Day 1 - 中加联合野外课程 - 中加联合野外课程wordpress镜像站September 26, 2011 - Canada Part: Day 1 - 中加联合野外课程 - 中加联合野外课程wordpress镜像站

Then we went to the other side of the lake with one of the TAs Samatha and Qu Mingzhi, along the short walk we observed some frogs and tried to indentify them according to some of the characteristics they have. We saw a bull frog and a green frog, and some tadpoles.


In the afternoon, we went geo-caching, our team didn’t have a very smooth beginning because we were a little bit confused of how to use the GPS. So we set out 30 minutes later just to get things right. But those time turn out to be worthy, in the end, to our surprise, we were the first team to finish the race. Team B got seperated by some strange reasons and Team A got lost in the woods because they set the start point wrong. But that was some very impressive memories we gain here and I believe that from that on, no one would ever forgot how to use a GPS.


In the evening, we have a little seminar, just to show people what we saw, maybe something particular whenwe were doing geo-caching. I think it’s really fun to have people telling you what they saw and what did they think about it because you can actually feel how different the way people’s minds work.


After a long day, we all get exhausted, but we did learn a lot and we really enjoyed it.



GroupA 田恬 赵明旻 郑映荷

September 26, 2011 - Canada Part: Day 1 - 中加联合野外课程 - 中加联合野外课程wordpress镜像站
September 26, 2011 - Canada Part: Day 1 - 中加联合野外课程 - 中加联合野外课程wordpress镜像站

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