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August 26th - Frontenac Park and our final day at QUBS  

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(Wetland with snags at Frontenac Provincial Park.)
After a tired day, we got up a little late. We listened to reports from two students of Yuxiang Wang---Rhiannon and Adrienne. The presenter Rhiannon is a very cute and charming sister, who had joined the same course three years ago. According to her presenting, we had a better understanding of muscle energetics in Pumpkinseed, Bluegill and hybrids. Also, we knew their differences in hypoxia tolerance. After a short break, we continued the report about “Molecular analysis of the population structure and levels of genetic diversity in the yellow catfish in the Upper Yangtze River Basin ,China”. From Adrienne's report, we knew her study area and project, microsatellite development of for P.vachlli, fragmentation (as a result of dam construction) and so on. After lunch, Yuxiang and Mingzhi drive us to the friends of Frontenac Park. On the way to the park, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way. Blue sky ,large scale of farmland, and we singing all the way made us enjoy the whole way. We passed by the Wolfe lake and Canoe lake. The provincial park has 22 lakes, vast network of canoe routes, and over 160 kilometres of hiking trails. The park is situated on the Frontenac Axis, the most southerly projection of the rugged Canadian Shield. We choose the Doe Lake Trail, which is about 3 kilometres in length and took 2hours to hike at a steady peace. As we explored the trail , we discovered such a diverse range of habitats, plants and animals. wood frog, grey treefrog (found by Jianling), American toad, common loon, different lichens and also a beaver pond and dam. We  enjoyed the beautiful scene and fresh air and took many photos.  Almost 5 O’clock in the afternoon, Yuxiang would go to Kingston to change a larger car for tomorrow’s leaving. So he can took four students together with him to the downtown. Xiaojiao, Jiangling, Zhangying and Frank were the representatives to  go there. We firstly  went to the Book store. Jianling bought several field guide books. Later we  went to Dollar house in the downtown to buy many cheap and nice goods. At 9 o’clock, we rushed to the promised place, then , Yuxiang drove us back to the QUBS. Other  students after hiking in the national park have cleaned up the white house we lived in. Tonight is the last night we stay at QUBS and early in the next morning we will start our new journey to the most famous fall. Looking forwards to tomorrow’s journey and we will store the two weeks’ best memory on QUBS deep in our mind. At last, we say goodbye to  QUBS and say thank you to Dr.Wang and Mingzhi Qu!(02:59 Aug 27th written by Xiaojiao and Jianling)

(Small wetland habitat at Frontenac Park)
疲惫的一天过后,我们今天起的比较晚。早餐过后,我们开始了一天的学习。十点钟,Rhiannon和Adriennne Powell给我们做了两个讲座。Rhiannon是一个很可爱的姐姐,我们都很喜欢她。再次见到她真是开心。她给我们讲述了关于Pumpkinseed, Bluegill和它们杂交种生物肌动力方面的研究。宇翔的另一个学生Adrienne给我们带来了同样精彩的报告。她的研究课题是运用分子生物学的方法分析种群结构和长江上游地区的马氏黄桑的基因多样性。她还提到了中国修建大坝的问题等。 讲座结束已经12点多了,我们很嗨的跑上楼去吃午饭。午饭过后,翔哥和铭志带我们去Frontenac Park。翔哥车开得可好了,一路飙车,我们很开心的在车上听歌,真爽啊!我们来到了Frontenac国家公园。这座国家公园座落于Frontenac Axis,拥有22个天然湖泊,庞大的游船路线和各种徒步的路线。徒步的路线有长有短,所耗时间也不一样,每条路线的信息我们都能从免费发放的地图上获得。因为时间有限,我们选择了一条耗时大约在2小时,沿着湖畔的路线。 走着走着,简舲眼前突然晃过一只绿绿的东西,她以为是只甲虫。退回去一看,原来是只漂亮的青蛙。绿油油的,这是我们在野外见到的颜色最漂亮的一只。 快五点钟的时候,翔哥突然呼叫我们。原来他已经回到门口了,他说要来不及了,要去金斯屯(请用东北话念)的快来。于是晓娇、简舲、张滢和Frank狂奔而去。到金斯屯后,我们首先在罗老师家前停下了。罗老师给我们每人发了一瓶可乐,真好,嘿嘿。然后翔哥就让我们去逛了,规定我九点回来。 我们首先到了书店,简舲终于买到了field guide book,她可开心了!可是没有买到翔哥研究的fish的书,有点小伤心。然后我们来到了One Dollar House。大家很高兴的开始买东西,真是便宜啊,都有点不敢买了。在那里呆了一个多小时,终于出来了。然后Frank去给军燕和政旎买邮票,先去邮局,关门了;然后去书店,没有卖;最后我们在马路边等Frank,他一个人去买,不知道跑到哪儿了,终于买到了,还好,Frank没丢。眼看九要九点钟,我们又要狂奔回去了。差点迷路,还好这时GPS帮了忙,虽然它快要没电了。我们到了不久,翔哥他们就来了。翔哥为了明天能带我们去尼亚加拉瀑布,特意跑这么远去换了一辆车。还带了我们四个去金斯屯,翔哥真是辛苦了。四十多分钟后,我们回到了QUBS。

(Thank you to the QUBS kitchen)

回来之后看见房里有个大大的吸尘器,原来大家都打扫卫生了,辛苦了。来到厨房,发现一个红红的苹果下面压着一封感谢信,是军燕代表大家写给Veronica的。 明天就要离开QUBS了,真是舍不得。明天翔哥和铭志要开车带我们去尼亚加拉,路上有六个小时。翔哥、铭志,早点休息吧,谢谢你们,辛苦了!

(GPS track for August 26th)
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